Welcome to Baby Asia

Baby Asia is a NFT & High Reflectionary platform on the Binance Smart Chain network. Baby Asia is designed to be SAFU, protecting you from bots & rug scams.

How do you protect me?

We employ various methods to help keep you safe and protect your investment from scammers. Please read about the methods and how they protect you below.


50% of all the tokens generated will be locked into the initial liquidity, and 30% will be locked on DXsale for future airdrop and listings. 20% will be burned before launch. There will be no minting function in the contract, which means no more tokens can be generated after the initial supply has been created.


We will never publish a contract address in our telegram and the ONLY place you will ever find the real contract address is on our website. This stops scammers. All you need to do to avoid getting scammed is NEVER buy any token from a contract address that has not been published on our website. (I do hope people bother to read this!!!)


Each transaction is limieted to 1% of the supply. This massively reduces the chance of whales dumping their wallets at once and will keep the project with a healthy chart.

The World's First Baby Asia in the crypto space!

Baby Asia has well planned tokenomics that rewards the holders by just holding the token. We are one of the highest reflectionary reward token released so far! You don’t need to do anything to claim your rewards, simply buy and hold Baby Asia in your wallet. Your rewards will automatically be deposited into your wallet every time there is an transatction.


  • 13% Buying Tax
  • 25% Selling Tax

Contract Address

Name : Baby Asia NFTs
Supply :
Symbol: BASNFT
Decimals: 18